Cheyenne Roundhouse

by Herbert Soberg

  • Cheyenne Roundhouse
  • Cheyenne Roundhouse

When I was young, without enough sense to come in out of the rain, I decided to make a trip west in January.
When I arrived in Cheyenne, the snow was deep, really deep, walking only, no pleasure driving. My first trip to the depot area was to photograph passenger trains in the winter. The UP employees thought that I must really be crazy, so did I. I did capture many pictures before my camera froze.

After I thawed myself and camera out, I ventured over to the roundhouse, looked up the roundhouse foreman, and asked permission to photograph equipment inside the building. As I made my way past the various stalls, I came upon the most spectacular view: there sitting side by side were a 4000, a 3900, the 844 and a 5000. Down a few stalls was 1242 and or 1243, a rotary plow - steam powered, and a Brill gas mechanical, converted to track geometry. Outside was the 833, used for parts for the 844, turbines and first generation diesels.

I made other trips to Cheyenne, mostly by train, but none as exciting and memorable as this one.
Thank you UP, I have cherished this trip all of my life.

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Cheyenne, WY
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