Road of the Streamliners

by Jay Lueke

Road of the Streamliners

Newspaper clipping about great uncle' Emil Lueke's retirement.

My Grandmother gave me this newspaper clipping of my Great Uncle Emil Lueke, who was an Engineer out of Columbus, Neb., which is my home town. My ancestors settled north of Richland, Neb., along Shell Creek.
We are both descendants of John Held, one of the 13 founders of Platte County.

I recall several elders in the family always telling the stories about knowing when Emil was working, saying ... "there goes Emil," as he would blow the whistle going through Richland.

My great Uncle piloted the Steam Engine into place at Pawnee Park in Columbus. You can see it when you drive Hwy 30/81 going through Columbus.

Jay Lueke
Corridor Manager Wyoming Desk
HDC - Omaha

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Family, Working at UP
Columbus, NE-Richland, NE
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