City of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver Begin Service

Union Pacific transformed passenger rail service with its Streamliner series. The M-series trains weren’t mere transportation — they were sophisticated hotels and restaurants on wheels. To offer daily service between three West Coast points and Chicago involved a tremendous outlay for equipment and personnel. Each train required an engineer, two brakemen, conductor, fireman, baggageman, car attendants, cooks, waiters, lounge car attendants, and sleeping car attendants.

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Travelers on the M-series Streamliners enjoyed a fine dining experience at every meal. A menu on the City of Los Angeles featured “Nebraska Corn Fed Charcoal Broiled Steak” with soup, side dishes, bread and dessert for $5.75. Diners could add a bottle of California red or white wine to their meal for $1.25. Ronald Reagan appeared in Union Pacific advertisements in the dome diners.

In 2012, Union Pacific celebrates the shared stories that have shaped our country since 1862. To mark our 150th anniversary, we invite you to explore how the nation’s largest railroad came to be and how UP continues to build America with innovation and tenacity, touching the lives of nearly every citizen.