October 25, 1934

City of Portland Sets Speed Record

Before M-10000 had even been tested by paying passengers, Union Pacific placed an order for the next streamliner. M-10001 was twice as long at 455 feet and weighed 265 tons. It was the first streamliner designed for transcontinental runs, featuring a sleeping car and full dining service. Its record-setting run eclipsed by nearly one full day regular coast-to-coast rail service — and used only $80 in fuel, compared with $280 for coal. Put into service as the City of Portland, it began a 40-hour schedule between Chicago and Portland.

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Union Pacific was the first railroad to employ nurse-stewardesses on passenger trains. In August 1935, Florette Welp became the first to hold this post. Every candidate was required to be a registered nurse between 21 and 24 years old.

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