UP Pioneers Genset Switcher Locomotive

Designed to reduce air pollution and fuel consumption, the Generator-Set switcher has had a significant impact on railroads and the environment. The Genset reduces emissions of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen by 80 to 90 percent compared to older switcher locomotives. The switcher also uses more than 30 percent less fuel. Since 2002, when Union Pacific tested its first prototype, the railroad has put 165 of these locomotives in service — half of all the Gensets operating worldwide.

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The Genset locomotive can pull more rail cars at low speeds than other yard locomotives because the electric, or "traction," motors are independently powered and controlled. This gives it superior adhesion compared to a typical locomotive with series-parallel motor connections.

In 2012, Union Pacific celebrates the shared stories that have shaped our country since 1862. To mark our 150th anniversary, we invite you to explore how the nation’s largest railroad came to be and how UP continues to build America with innovation and tenacity, touching the lives of nearly every citizen.