Train Town USA

Train Town USA

One hundred and fifty years ago, Union Pacific Railroad began building west from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean, opening a grand frontier to immigrants who settled in existing communities or started new ones along the rail lines.

That bond between our railroad and early settlements has strengthened and grown. Today, Union Pacific serves nearly 7,300 communities where we live, our children grow up, and in which we recruit employees. From rural town to metropolis, we’re honored to have unique, long-standing community relationships.

As we commemorate Union Pacific’s sesquicentennial and 150 years of growing up together, we invite our valued civic partners to join in the celebration, by telling their histories through Union Pacific’s "Train Town USA" registry.

The registry is open to all incorporated communities located along Union Pacific tracks or terminals. Elected city officials and executive officials of the local Chamber of Commerce are invited to complete the application form to feature their community at, as well as be recognized with an exclusive resolution from Union Pacific that can be presented to the mayor, city council or other community leader.

Our shared heritage is a source of pride as we remember our past, while serving and connecting the nation for generations to come. Thanks for being part of our journey.