Columbus, NE

Columbus is bisected by the UP railroad tracks. Having rail access played a key role in the city becoming, as we believe, the location of the first industrial tract in the country. The ability to bring raw materials in and ship finshed goods has aided Columbus in being, per capita, the most industrialized community in Nebraska, .  

While the horns are loud, the trains shake the land and nearly 80 trains per day pass through the community, we've grown to recognize the value of the railroad to the community for the businesses it serves, the jobs it helps create, to the  delivery of coal from Wyoming to eastern US and the nation, and other goods worldwide. Historic photographs show stopovers by Presidents and presidential candidates at our community depot - those visits would not have been possible without the Union Pacific Railroad presence in town. Having just celebrated the city's sesquicentennial six years ago, Columbus salutes Union Pacific Railroad as it now celebrates 150 years! As the railroad has grown, so has our community. Columbus and the UP long have been partners in progress and growth, and as a community desirous of sustaining growth, Columbus hopes for the same for UP.