Price City, UT

Price City has long been an industrial hub for eastern Utah and the railroad has been a partner the whole time. Our neighbor, Helper City, hosts a whole museum dedicated to the railroad and mining industries in the area. For 100 years, trains have been a part of our way of life, from passenger travel to heavy freight (coal hauling) from the mines to the power plants. Former railroad grades now are the basis for many motorized and non-motorized trail activity throughout the area. Annually, Price City hosts a community celebration called International Days. This celebration recognizes the many diverse cultures that have shaped our community for more than 100 years. Culture and heritage that is not a mainstay in other areas of Utah is a way of life in Price. We celebrate the Chinese, Greek, Slovenian, German, Polynesian, Italian, Welch, Irish and Hispanic cultures that would not be present in the community without the positive presence and influence of the railroad. This proud history and heritage is evident throughout the community. Railroads, spurs, sidings and freight yards are present today and a constant reminder of those that came before us, including the railroad. Price City and our area are particularly proud of the railroad display at the Tie Fork rest area approximation 30 miles northwest of the community on Highway 6. A vintage locomotive reproduction of fine-art quality has been constructed by local artists to enhance the community railroad heritage and current experience. This experience continues to live in the community today. It is a rare day that a convention is held that does not have a connection to the railroad presence in Price City. From those that work for the railroad that live in the community, to those that rely on the railroad for passenger or freight traffic, everyone is connected to the railroad. Price City is proud to host the railroad in the community and has been for more than 100 years. We celebrate the railroad and what it has meant to our ancestors as well as what it means and will continue to mean to our future generations. Price City, Train Town USA!